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NY Canaries Xmas Drink

December 16, 2009

The NY Canaries will be having Christmas drinks at our home, George Keeley, on Tuesday the 22nd of December. So, if you are in town and support the mighty Norwich City… Or just like booze, come along and join us.

Map to GK is here. See you there!

Up the City!

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  1. Gary Kimber permalink
    December 26, 2009 9:11 pm

    I was just surfing on the Norwich F.C. website and i saw that there was an NY fan club, I am happy to say i am very happy for when i holiday to NY in 2010 i will feel right at home. Maybe we can have a chin wag over a pint and chat about why the tractor boys can’t play football. And an even better day because we won 2-0 against Millwall.
    i will leave you with a song that makes good times better.

    When I was just a little boy,
    I asked my mother what should I be,
    Should I be Norwich,
    Should I be scum,
    Here’s what she said to me,

    Wash your mouth out son,
    Then go get your fathers gun,
    And shoot the Ipswich scum,
    Shoot the Ipswich Scum.

    Keep On The Ball Mates

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