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Norwich v Spurs Wednesday 30th

January 28, 2013

Listen, the FA Cup is for hopeless romantics (well that’s what I’m telling myself this week, anyway) and not for teams who are looking to survive the Premier League season, bag that 90 million in TV money for 2014 and sign Lionel Messi! (Shhh, boy can dream).

Anyway, whether you care to dwell on the Luton game or not, skip out of work on Wednesday (like I’m going to) and head to Keeley’s where the NY Canaries will be hoping the Hoot can get us back on track – and of course we’ll be rooting for the Hoot with a beer or 6 as Keeley’s is the finest beer bar in….well, this fine City.

What: #RootForTheHoot &  #SmackSpurs

Where: George Keeley’s (map up there ^^^^ to the right >>>)

When: From 2pm

Why: 3 points, boom!

See you there!


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