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It’s Nearly Here! WOOOOT. Norwich City v Everton – August 17th

August 9, 2013

The first game of the season is like Christmas morning for me. I’m like a child, pacing up and down staring at the calendar for days before hand,  wishing the hours could pass faster. We are nearly there people!

We will be at the Football Factory on the 17th for the season opener Vs Everton. Kick-off is 10am. As always, Jack will be there to greet us with breakfast and booze (that’s if his appearance on NBC last night hasn’t gone to his head!*)

When: Aug 17th at 10am

Where: The Football Factory, 6 West 33rd (between Broadway and 5th)

Woahhhh, the first day of the season, just what I always wanted! WOOOOOOOOOOOT















*Jack on NBC last night from the Football Factory:


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