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Norwich City @ Man City November 3rd

November 28, 2011

QPR’s chief of spin, Colin Wanker, said we ‘mugged’ him on Saturday- but anyone who doesn’t have blue and white gunk in their eyes saw a very different match.   More shots on target usually equals more goals, and last weekend was no different.  Sure, they had a decent spell before we put Holt and Wessi on, but we deserved to win and could have scored more.  A good 3 points in the bag was important, especially as a trip to Eastlands, The Etihad the Money Dome of Manchester is up next.

Will Wessi start, can the back four contain Silva and Nasri? Will Balotelli be wearing a snood and matching gloves?  Will money rain from the sky at half-time? So many questions, so join us this coming Saturday at George Keeley where the game is on LIVE at 10am.

See you there!!!

Will Balotelli be able to put on his bib this week?

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