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Norwich City v Newcastle United LIVE

December 8, 2011

Well last week we got a beating, as expected.  Man City have scored 48 goals in 14 games so we shouldn’t really be bothered about the result.  There was a lot of hoo-har over Balotelli’s goal. Was it disrespectful? Not in the slightest, no different to using his head as far as I’m concerned. Anyway…

On to the next! That’s Newcastle United at home and you can join the NY Canaries for that one at The Football Factory, which is 6 West 33rd Street (between 5th and Broadway). We will be back at our home, George Keeley for the Everton game.

Football Factory is home to the NY Newcastle Supporters club and there are quite a lot of them, so come and help us drown them out with ‘On The Ball City’.

Game starts at 10am, I’ll be there at 9.30 to enjoy the pre-match fry-up.

See you there!

Norfolk hasn't see this much hair since the Bee Gees tribute band played the Theatre Royal. (Colloccini is currently rated 50/50 to play)

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