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Stoke City v Norwich City – Sunday September 29th

September 25, 2013

The less said about last weekend the better. So I’m not even going to start, because the next thing you’ll know is it’s midnight and you are still reading this.  So, on to Mark Hughes’ revamped Stoke City. Not the easiest of places to go, but the difference this season is that we may actually be able to play them at football and not get sucked into a game of hoof ball and header tennis.

I was hoping that after Tuesday night’s game-changing heroics against Watford we might see Josh Murphy up at Stoke, but after reading the Hoots words afterwards, that looks highly unlikely. Which is a massive shame because there are lots of teams currently playing a kid or two including Southampton, Palace and Everton.  Hooper looked sharp and I can’t wait to see him play this weekend. He has to start with the Wolf, right?

Sunday’s game is an early one here in NYC and we’ll be at the Football Factory once again. It’s a 5 am start for me to get there by kick off, so come along and join me as I indulge in a fry up, down a few beers and celebrate an away victory. WOOT!

Should be a half decent crowd so I’ll see you there!

When: Sunday Sept 29th at 8.30 am

Where: The Football Factory, 6 West 33rd Street ( between 5th and Broadway)

Robert HOOF in action ( I'll get my coat)

Robert HOOF in action ( I’ll get my coat)

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